Thursday, 31 March 2011

First time in quite some time.

It's been a while, I know, since any update here. I've been away, and mum's been away, and nothing much has been happening of late.

Until this week that is...

On Sunday, we had a little trip around the shops. Originally it was to look at a little red jacket my mum had spotted on one of her online searches. It was, unfortunately, a little disappointing in person.

We swiftly abandoned that plan, but on a trip round the other concessions in Frasers (for it was there) we bumped into another darling number. Short, ivory, with a beautiful little collar to boot and a mix of wool and silk. In short, it is pretty super. And super pretty. So one box was ticked. Phew.

Then today... well today was a big day. We went back to Mandors with one express purpose. It was time to bite the bullet and just get the silk. There was one specific fabric we'd identified on a scouting trip and it is beautiful, ivory, Chinese silk dupion. Seeing in the roll, it looked amazing, but when the sales assistant ("Helen - for the win" on her badge, which is pretty rad) pulled it out to cut, you could start to imagine how it would look when it was made into a dress. The colour, the texture and the shape it holds will be stunning, if we can pull it off.

There is, obviously, a lot less ceremony to buying your (future) wedding dress in a stretch of four metres than it is to try something on and spin in front of a mirror, having found the one. But that doesn't mean you don't feel a tingle as you imagine how it will look.

Fingers crossed.

Anyway, while in Mandors we also found a pattern for the bridesmaids dresses. Now, hold the phone, you may think. This wasn't in the original plan. But sometimes the plan changes for you, without you really having a choice. Also, we think we may be on a kick now. Might as well make it as big a challenge as possible, eh?

Anyway this is the guy. The dresses we had originally pegged (on Dessy) had a bateau neck and
a halter neck, and you'll probably notice that both options are here. In fact the high necked dress
here is virtually the same as the Dessy one. So I'm hoping it will work out well.

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