Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What's this all about then?

Hello there.

What am I up to? You may well ask. Well, the first point is, I'm trying not to turn into a total maniac. Y'see, I'm getting hitched next year and I've made a deal with another bride-to-be that we won't allow ourselves to do that. It's pretty important but easier said than done, I believe. So my theory is, I'm going to get scribbling here, so that I don't bore all my friends/colleagues/countrymen with all this wedding guff. Too much. So if you're a friend, colleague, or countryman, you can choose whether to read or not - rather than face me yibbering on into your face until next September.

The main idea is to write about the whole making the dress thing - because I just really want a good record of the creation process as we go along. See what I plan to do is collect all this together at the end and present it, as the story of my hard work, pin pricks and tears to my beloved. Because it's bizarre to me not to be asking his opinion on one of the most important outfits of my life. This way, he can see it in retrospect - and hopefully it'll show him how much it means to me, to get this perfect for him.

So that's the plan. Whether it works - we'll see. Stick around and find out.

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